Strategy and International Business Management ([EN] edycja 1)

Semestr letni 2018/2019, zimowy 2019/2020

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6 000,00 zł
dr Jolanta Gorgól

Cele i charakterystyka studiów

With our postgraduate Strategy and International Business Management course you will gain much more than a diploma from one of the top economic universities in Poland. The course will allow you to acquire supreme knowledge and practical skills and will help you to understand the all aspects of scientific theory in business practice.

The teaching modules, with the main focus on critical issues of organizational strategy management in growing environmental turbulence, have been designed as challenging and exciting journey you will undertake with other students.

The Strategy and International Business postgraduate studies will familiarise you with many different paths you can choose whilst working in global business environment. We engage you with the stimulating scientific business environment and enable collect valuable knowledge required to take the right decisions in successful business.


The studies are aimed at professionals wanting to bind their future with global market: both present and future entrepreneurs and members of international corporations. If you understand the importance and value of scientific knowledge in business and want to strengthen your competences and professional potential the Strategy and International Business Management postgraduate studies are for you.

The course will deliver to you not only the up to date knowledge about successful strategy at global platform, but also teach you how to develop your knowledge after graduation in the future business life.

The studies are aimed at professionals wanting to bind their future with global market: both present and future entrepreneurs and members of international corporations.

Czas trwania i liczba godzin

2 semestry, 192 godz.

Program studiów

Lp. Nazwa przedmiotu Liczba
1. Economics & International Business 8
2. Global Environment & Its Forces 8
3. Global Strategic Management 28
4. International Management Decision Making 10
5. Winning Market Place - Marketing Perspective 12
6. Intercultural Management 10
7. Leadership in Intercultural Perspective 12
8. Human Resources Management in International Perspective 12
9. Going Global: Enterpreneurship & Innovation 6
10. International Business Networks 12
11. Corporate Governance and Leadership 6
12. Corporate Business and Legal Perspective 12
13. Corporate Management: Global Retailing & Big Pharma 12
14. Corporate Management: Global Banking 8
15. Corporate Management: International Logistics & GPNs 4
16. Corporate Management: International Production 4
17. International Financial Issues 6
18. Global Mobility Issues in Financial Perspective 8
19. Consultations 8
20. Exam: Project Defence 6

Warunki i sposób zaliczenia studiów

The curriculum is an exciting mixture of individual and group research projects and case studies which will enable you to learn the rules of successful business in global perspective. The studies are conducted jointly with experts from Deloitte.

The studies are finished with taking an exam.

Organizacja studiów

2 semesters, 192 hours. Classes will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays (on the average every two weeks, hours 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) (detailed schedule).

Kadra dydaktyczna

The course curriculum, which includes lectures, individual and group projects, and tutorials on the application of theoretical knowledge into business life practice, are conducted by the busiess and strategic management enthusiasts, i.e. successful university lecturers and business strategists with outstanding global reputation. More information about lecturers you can find below.

Kierownictwo i opieka naukowa


dr Jolanta Gorgól
Katedra Strategii i Metod Zarządzania

Opiekun naukowy

prof. dr hab. Ewa Stańczyk-Hugiet
Katedra Strategii i Metod Zarządzania
pok. 813, bud. Z


6000 PLN

5600zł- A special price for the students inviting their colleagues to the course

Kontakt i zapisy

The studies, mostly based on analysing projects, using the theoretical knowledge and business life practice, are conducted by the business and strategic management enthusiasts: successful university lecturers and business strategists, whose outstanding achievements have been confirmed by the market.


Termin zakończenia rekrutacji: 2019-01-31

Wymagane dokumenty

  • podanie o przyjęcie na studia
  • formularz zgłoszeniowy (załącznik 1)
  • oświadczenie o pokryciu kosztów (indywidualne lub od pracodawcy – załącznik 2 lub 3)
  • odpis dyplomu ukończenia studiów magisterskich, licencjackich lub inżynierskich (do wglądu) + kserokopia tego dyplomu
  • kserokopia dokumentu tożsamości (obie strony)

Dodatkowe informacje




Marzena Stor ssociate Professor and Head of the Department of Human Resources Management as well as the Director of the Executive MBA Program at the Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance at the University of Economics in Wrocław; habilitated doctor of economics in the field of management sciences, master of applied linguistics and master of English philology. She studied in Poland and the USA. Author of over 120 scientific publications in Polish and English, contractor and manager of over 20 research projects, including international ones. She participated in many international scientific conferences in the field of International Human Resources Management. Reviewer of prestigious scientific journals like International Business Review and Cross-Cultural & Strategic Management. 

She received the Individual Rector's Award of the Wrocław University of Economics several times for achievements in scientific and research work. Her scientific and research interests include: international and intercultural aspects of human resources management, transnational corporations, interpersonal communication in business, HRM strategies, management of international teams. He teaches in Polish and English. She also conducted classes in English for English translators at post-graduate studies in the field of economic and legal translations under various European Union programs.



Mirosław Rak focuses on restructuring projects of domestic and international business entities (divisions, mergers, transformations of companies) and consultancy in the ongoing business operations of companies and capital groups. He specializes in corporate and civil law, with particular emphasis on contract law. Mirosław is legal and tax advisor. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at University of Wrocław in the fields of Law and Economics, he completed legal training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wrocław. 

He likes spending his free time travelling and doing sports, especially basketball and windsurfer.



Monika Sławinska – Sławecka – since 13 years have been working in the multinational corporation in Human Resources department at managerial positions, currently as HR Manager supporting teams and leaders in their growth. She gained the expertise in such areas of HR as recruitment, people development, talent management, trainings and leadership. Passionate about supporting the leaders in getting the best out of their teams, strongly believing that leadership is absolutely crucial for a success of any business. She graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (Human Resources Management) and SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities (Clinical Psychology). Monika loves spending time with her familyand reading books.



Krzysztof Wronkiewicz is a successful international business practitioner, expert in strategic management. Top quality of his managerial work (as CEO) is reflected in number of awards e.g. Business Gazelle, Business Cheetah Awards, Forbes Diamond Awards, Manufacturing Excellence 2016 Award - Business and Science. He graduated from Lodz University of Technology and is a member of Jury of CEE Manufacturing Excellence Awards& Manufacturing Strategy Summit. Krzysztof loves road biking,walking around the world and spending time with his family.



Magdalena is a Manager at the tax department of Deloitte Wrocław office. Magda graduated from University of Economics in Wrocław, Faculty of Finance and Accouting. Magda has extensive 8-years’ experience in applying Polish and international tax regulations. Her professional focus is Polish Payroll, in particular Personal Income Tax and Social Security issues, as well as services rendered to employees seconded abroad and foreigners working in Poland. Magda participated in numerous tax reviews and other tax advisory and compliance projects for Clients of many industries, including energy & resources, chemical, automotive, IT, food and restaurant.



Aleksandra Sobolewska – Olszak is an authorised legal counsel since 2010, running her own law firm. She is a business law practitioner. She focuses her work on commercial and corporate law, civil law (including contract law and securities), personal data protection law (GDPR) and employment law matters.

She has extensive experience in on-going advice for businesses across various industries, ie. manufacturing, brewing, construction and development sector, as well as IT. She conducts internal staff trainings and lectures at a non-public university on personal data protection law (in English). She graduated from Law University of Wroclaw in Law Faculty (MA) and from Real Estate Investment Postgraduate Studies. She is affiliated to the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Wrocław and she is a member of Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce. In her spare time, she rides a mountain bike or enjoys a practice of Tai Chi.



Aneta Surmiak is a Manager in the tax department of Deloitte Wroclaw office. She specialises in the area of a personal income tax, social security contributions and international tax aspects. She took part in numerous tax reviews and other tax advisory and compliance projects for clients of many different industries. Dr Surmiak is the author of awarded PhD dissertation discussing the most significant determinants of autonomy in daughter-companies’ strategic areas of activity. She graduated from the Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance at the University of Economics in Wrocław. In free time she loves spending time with family and friends, traveling and reading books.



Dr Michał Organa is an excellent lecturer in strategic management science. He specializes in business networks & aspects of leaderships in global perspective. Michał is an author of awarded PhD Dissertation at Wrocław University of Economics. He is a manager of variety of projects founded by the National Science Centre. Dr Organa loves travelling and spending time with family, aquaristics and… education. 



Doctor Jolanta Gorgól is a leader of Strategy and International Business Management Postgraduate studies. She is a passionate about global business and strategic management, specializing in corporate retailing and big pharma. Jolanta is an author of awarded PhD dissertation, investigating the permanent sources of global competitive advantage of transcorporations. Dr Gorgól is an advocate of business responsibility and humanistic approach in strategic business decisions. She graduated from International Business from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge in England and from PhD studies from Wroclaw University of Economics. Jolanta is a leader of Strategy and International Business Management Postgraduate studies. Dr Gorgól is a fun of naturopathy, Chinese medicine, local food and mountain biking. She loves research and sharing knowledge.

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